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Dave is the popularauthor of best-selling Ghosts of St. Augustine and Ancient City Hauntings, Ghosthunting Florida, 12-21-12 (by Parker Lee-a pen name). and  award-winning Crossing the Elde Bridge. He has also published numerous magazine articles and appeared on radio and television; and he is currently working on 3 novels, and a nonfiction book about paranormal investigators.

BIOGRAPHY: David Lapham
I’m just a small-town, Midwestern boy who somehow ended up in Florida. I’ve done a lot of things. I’m a Naval Academy grad (don’t know how I got through) and a retired Marine (don’t know how that happened either.) But now I write and look for ghosts. That’s all I do. I’ve written several books of ghost stories (See credits below.), ghosted or co-wrote a couple of memoirs, and am now working on an adult paranormal novel, two paranormal YA books, and a nonfiction book.

I’m a member of The Authors Guild, the Florida Writers Association, and the International Ghost Hunters Society.

Raconteur Magazine
Fine Print Magazine
Jacksonville Magazine
St. Augustine Magazine

Ghosts of St. Augustine
Ancient City Hauntings
Crossing the Elde Bridge
Ghosthunting Florida
On the Brink Vol 2 (A light anthology)


Orlando Weekly

Haunted Lighthouses
Ghosts – North Florida Legends

Contact me at dlapham@cfl.rr.com

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