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A friend the other day read “Gateway to Hell” in my book Ghosts of St. Augustine and asked me about portals, if they really existed. I have witnessed a portal. My wife,Sue, and I visited Ireland a few years ago and went to Clonmacnoise, a religious center established around 545 A.D. at the crossroads of the River Shannon and the glacial ridge running across Ireland. We were standing in a cold rain amid the ruins of an old chapel, praying for a friend suffering from a brain tumor. As we stood there something opened in front of us and enveloped us. It was hard to describe. It wasn’t so much that we walked through a doorway, but rather that the doorway surrounded us as we stood. We were not frightened but overwhelmed with a peaceful, joyful sensation. This cocoon-like feeling lasted for several minutes, then dissipated, leaving both of us exhilarated, overjoyed, and energized. The experience was the most astounding thing that’s ever happened to me. I know many others who have also experienced portals, among them my friend, Melba Goodwyn. She devotes an entire chapter to the subject in her book, Ghost Worlds. “The Spanish Washer Woman” in my Ancient City Hauntings is another dramatic story about a portal.

We know that many dimensions exist other than the one we live in. Some believe there are in infinite number floating around the universe. We also know that not all of these dimensions are parallel, and where they intersect you will find a portal. The Irish call them “thin places.” Melba defines them as …inter-dimensional doorways opening into other realms of existence. As dimensions are not always fixed, so portals aren’t either, although some can last a very long time.

Portals can appear almost anywhere, inside structures or outside. They are often found in cemeteries, I guess, because consciously or subconsciously, we choose burial grounds for their otherworldly characteristics, spiritual vibrations, or auras. Cemeteries often innately exhibit sacredness and peace and where portals are often found. But portals may also appear under more negative circumstances and can be anything but peaceful.

In her book, Melba explains that we can discern energy patterns which might indicate the presence of a portal. These energy patterns, especially noticeable to sensitives, can be either harmonious or discordant. One can experience peace, euphoria, increased energy, elation, calmness. Or the energies cause weakness, nausea, headaches, cold chills, confusion.

There are other common signs. You may hear barely audible humming or buzzing, may feel static electricity, may see orb-like forms streaking around. The light around a portal may also seem either unnaturally bright or shaded, inconsistent with its surroundings. And there may be mist or fog concentrated in the area.

In any case, if you ever experience or think you are experiencing a portal, be careful. It may be a calming, peaceful place, or it may be something evil—as in my “Gateway to Hell” story. Either way, experiencing a portal is going to change your thinking about time and space.

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Happy Thanksgiving! See ya Saturday for the conclusion of “Mary Hastings.”


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Have you ever taken a picture and later discovered a small circle—or circles—of light or perhaps a circle of light with a contrail? Those are orbs. The definition of an “orb” is a sphere or spherical object, like the sun. But around 20 years ago, Dr. Dave Oester of IGHS (I think it was Dr. Oester) began referring to electromagnetic spiritual energy as an orb. And for most of us interested in the paranormal, that’s what an orb is. But orbs can be very confusing. We’ve all had our own experiences and have drawn our own conclusions about them.

My friend, Melba Goodwyn, author and clairvoyant from Texas, had her first experience with an orb as a child. She was sitting outside late oneafternoon when a bright orange sphere appeared in front of her and actually passed right through her. And last Saturday at the book signing at the GhostStop in St. Cloud, a woman came in and related a similar experience with a “ball of energy,” which came into the room, knocked her off her bed, and exploded on the other side.
Several people at the GhostStop agreed that it was probably ball lightning, a luminous ball of energy often associated with thunderstorms. Lab experiments have reproduced something similar to what has been reported as ball lightning, but there isn’t much scientific evidence of its naturally occurring. So, who knows what the woman experienced or if ball lightning even exists?.

Some people claim that most orbs captured on camera are actually particles of dust or precipitation. My friend Melba has had experiences which refute that. She has taken pictures on a dirt road with a truck passing by, and no orbs were present. And something I can’t explain: a year or so ago I was on a ghost hunt at the May-Stringer House in Brooksville, Fl. After we’d finished, which was probably sometime after midnight, we were standing outside in the parking lot (mostly dirt) and I took three pictures of the house in quick succession. The first and third pictures were filled with “orbs.” The second (middle) picture was clear as a bell. I have a hard time believing that those were all orbs on the one hand, but I can’t explain why the middle picture was so clear.

Easier to accept as true orbs are those that move. Check out the two photos attached. The long orange line was taken at Bud and Brenda Henshaw’s RedHawk Ranch in Wimauma, Fl. I have a story about the RedHawk in Ghosthunting Florida. You could say that a flashlight with an orange filter could have been used, but there were no flashlights present. I’ve forgotten who gave me the second photo. It might have been the Henshaws. In any case, I have no doubt those photos are orbs.

When our physical bodies die, there is nothing remaining but pure energy. We know that, so there is no reason to think that energy can’t be captured on film or by the naked eye. For me there are larger questions, which Melba also asks. Are orbs intelligent life-forms? Do they try to communicate with us? Are they ghosts? Do their colors mean anything?

Draw your own conclusions about orbs, but as for me, I believe in them. Discovering orbs can be very exciting, and maybe, just maybe, some day, I’ll communicate with one.

NOTE: In addition to Chasing Graveyard Ghosts, Melba Goodwyn has another wonderful and enlightening book out, Ghost Worlds.


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Have you ever been in a tackle shop? If you haven’t, go to the fishing section in Bass Pro or some other store that sells fishing equipment. You’ll find a vast area of gear, especially lures, many of which are designed more to catch fishermen than fish. You can buy a lot of lures and never catch anything, except maybe a cold. Same is true for ghost hunting equipment. There are a lot of items out there in the market place which may or may not enhance your ghost hunting.

As I’ve said before, if you want to get into ghost hunting and paranormal investigating, join a group of experienced folks; that’s the best way. A well-established team will have all the equipment anyone could ever need and will know how to use it. But if you do want to get your own gear, do some research.

And by the way, I’d like to suggest that there is a difference between ghost hunting and paranormal investigating. If you’re ghost hunting, you’re, well, ghost hunting. You’re looking for spirits, trying to prove their existence. If you’re doing an investigation, chances are you’ve been invited by a client to determine if a particular place has paranormal activity. That’s perhaps a minor difference, but a difference all the same.

Anyway, all you really need is a flashlight, a notebook and pencil, a watch, a tape recorder, a camera, and possibly a first aid kit. The flashlight is mostly for safety purposes, although if you have one that turns on and off by loosening and tightening the bulb end, you might be able to get a spirit to communicate with you by asking it to turn the light on and off. The notebook, pencil, and watch are used to record your observations and track the sequence of events. And use an old-fashioned spring-driven watch. A tape recorder is used to record EVPs—and your oral comments, if you wish. Just be sure you identify yourself if you record anything. A camera can capture apparitions, but more commonly just orbs. Still, a good piece of gear to have. If you’re going into old buildings, especially at night, you might take a long a first aid kit. Some of us are clumsier than others. And make sure you have a gillion batteries. Entities my try to manifest themselves by drawing on the electric energy in their immediate surrounds—that’s your camera/flashlight/tape recorder/etc batteries. Make sure you have lots.

That’s gear you really need. But, wait, there’s more! You can go crazy buying equipment, but with some research and caution, you can greatly enhance your investigating with a few other items. An EMF meter and a thermometer are good to have, or get a Mel meter which combines both functions. Oh, and Dr. Oester of IGHS recommends a compass in lieu of or at least in addition to an EMF meter. Wide swings of 15° – 20° will indicate that you might have something. Then there’s FLIR thermal cameras, motion sensors, laser grids, IR lights, dowsing rods, full spectrum digital cameras, night vision camcorders, DVR systems, spirit boxes, and don’t forget vests, and nifty T-shirts—shall I go on?

What I would suggest is that you spend some time with experienced people to see what they use and at stores like the GhostStop. Shawn, Jennifer and the folks there are all experienced ghost hunters. Shoot, Shawn invented a lot of the stuff he sells. Get some hands-on time with different kinds of gear. Also, do some reading. I’ve suggested Anthony Mamone’s GHOST HUNTER’S EQUIPMENT GUIDE which you can get as an e-book from Amazon for $.99. (And if you don’t have a KINDLE, Amazon will give you a free app to download to some other device. And you can get other books online or from the GhostStop.

If you’ve suddenly become fire up about ghost hunting, don’t let yourself be dazzled by all the equipment. Get the essential stuff, get into a group, do some research, and only when you feel comfortable with a piece of gear buy it.

Remember that all this equipment are just tools to enhance your ability to encounter paranormal activity. That’s all they are.

Hey, and don’t forget GhostStop’s big grand opening on Friday, October 5th, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Paul Bradford and Scott Tepperman from Ghost Hunters International will be there.

Also, don’t forget Saturday, October 13th. Vivian Campbell (Stalked by Spirits) and I will be there from noon to 3 p.m. signing books.


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Regardless of your area of interest, I believe you need to study as well as participate in it. As a writer, I spend a significant amount of time studying the craft of writing and reading other writer’s work as well as writing. I believe paranormal investigators need to do the same thing. Sure, it’s fun to tromp around old, empty buildings or cemeteries in the middle of the night, but if you don’t know what you’re doing or why you’re there, that’s all it is—fun. That’s why I think the best “p.i.” groups are those that do spend time studying the paranormal.

And that’s why I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. There is so much I don’t know and so many resources to choose from, it’s mind-boggling at times, so I recently joined Drs. Dave & Sharon Oester’s International Ghost Hunting Society. There are other places to go, of course, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen of IGHS and several of my p.i. friends are members. IGHS puts out an insightful newsletter and has a lot of information available. And I was surprised by some of the details I’ve learned. In a recent newsletter, for example, Dr. Oester said that they no longer do their investigations at night. Contrary to popular opinion, there’s as much activity during the day as the night, so working in the daytime is safer and just as productive. I’ve been so impressed with the IGHS that I just ordered 2 books from them, the Ghost Research Manual, and the Tao of Ghost Hunting.

Another really interesting Internet site I came across the other day is the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. It’s British and their web site is filled with information about the paranormal. You can join the society for about $45-$50, depending on the exchange rate. I haven’t figured out what the benefits are yet, but now that I’ve found the site, I’m going to read it regularly. An interesting point: last week I mentioned that PCI had incorporated as a charity to be eligible for grants and charitable tax-free donations. Guess what? ASSAP is also a charity. I guess the Brits have similar tax laws.

Some more interesting information. ASSAP reports that a “recent survey…found that two thirds of reports of haunting activity occurred in the afternoon.” I’ve always thought that because the night is quiet, our chances of detecting activity at night were greater than in the daytime, but apparently that isn’t so. Here’s another one: “Ghosts are not, contrary to popular belief, reported more frequently in graveyards.” Now that to me makes sense. Yes, it’s scary in a cemetery after dark, but think about it. When a body is taken to be buried, it’s been dead for at least several days, normally. Is a person’s spirit going to hang around just to catch a free ride in a hearse? I don’t think so. Either the spirit will move on or it will remain at the site of the person’s demise, depending on the circumstances of death, more often than not. Yes, occasionally a spirit will latch on to someone or something, but that, I think, is a rare occurrence.

Well, I could ramble on, but I won’t. If you don’t already spend time studying the various aspects of the paranormal, I think you should start. It will certainly make you a better investigator, and some of this stuff is really fascinating.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out my books, especially 12-21-12, by Parker Lee (pen name). Remember, December 21st is only 10 weeks away.